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Julia Krass - Freeskier

Reigning from New Hampshire, US Olympian, Slopestyle and Big Air competitor Julia started skiing at the age of 2 at Whaleback Mountain in NH. Currently attending Dartmouth College, while training and ripping up the slopes, Julia will be competing in FIS and competitions and more across the globe.

Kulkea athlete Julia Krass crashed skiing's big-air World Championships party last year, throwing down the run of her career and garnering a silver medal on the sport's biggest stage.

Asked what her most cherished achievement was to date, the 22-year-old Krass replied: "Getting second at World Championships in big air stands out the most to me"”

"It was in front of my home crowd in Park City, and my entire family was there, which is a rare occasion," said Krass. "It was just amazing to be able to jump under the lights in front of so many people. To land the tricks I was hoping for was the cherry on top."

Krass's stunning 2019 World Championship result was two decades and more than 2,000 miles away from tiny Whaleback Ski Area in Enfield, NH, hard by Interstate 89 as it winds from Concord, NH, across the Vermont border and bends north toward Canada. It was at this local hill that Krass, a native of Norwich, VT, was first fitted with a pair of skis by her parents, Diane and Peter, when she was only two years old.

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9 Questions and answers from Julia:

  1. Favorite Music? Currently Lizzo is at the top of my playlist, but typically I listen to a lot of folk rock / indie rock. My favorite is rainbow kitten surprise.
  2. Favorite place in the world? Switzerland. I love every part of Switzerland, the mountains, food, people.
  3. Favorite food? Sushi or steak tips.
  4. Favorite color? Blue.
  5. A guilty pleasure of yours? Unfortunately, the bachelor/bachelorette. It's terrible but I have become addicted.
  6. A mentor or someone you look up to outside of skiing? My brothers. I have always looked up to them and it is amazing to watch their successful careers take off.
  7. Favorite ski trick? Switch cork 7 mute.
  8. Favorite activity outside of skiing? Mountain biking.
  9. What music do you listen to while skiing? Folk rock / indie rock, It is the perfect amount of chill and pump up.

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