Dan Gump

Dan Gump on the slopes

Dan Gump - Endurance Athlete, Husband, Dog Dad, Coach, Entrepreneur, Plant Based Foodie

Dan Gump is a trailblazer in all of his adventure roles. Toughness, resilience, resolve, and fortitude are all rock-solid trademarks of this 44 years old wonder. He's a true mountain man from Colorado, who inspires us to get outside and do more. He's an endurance athlete, coach, outdoor industry professional, Kulkea team member, entrepreneur and now a bike shop co-owner at CyclErie in Eriee, CO, which is "a local hub for all things cycling and the epitome of that welcoming, knowledgeable place where every cyclist - beginner or advanced- wants to be." The shop also runs all ages bike camps, community events and bike clinics in Erie, CO. More than a bike shop, CyclErie.

Dan Gump Biking Summer Grand Traverse MTB

Dan also played a key role in the development of Kulkea's OTRmost Cycling Collection, a trio of biking bags designed to solve pain points. He applied his tenacious biking expertise and rugged testing to refining each bags' design solutions: The OTRmost Hydration Backpack is lightweight, yet carries 2L of hydration in a durable bladder with anti-slosh compression technology. The OTRmost Cycle Gear Bag packs an impressive punch with organized room for up to 3 days of rides, gear and mini cooler for on the go snacks. The OTRmost Tool Roll is the most efficient and lightweight solution to on-the-go tool access.

Running Endurance Athlete Dana Gump Kulkea

"I've been an athlete for most of my life," says Gump." As a kid, I played the regular team sports, but never really found one that stuck with me. My favorite was probably baseball, but more because that is just kind of what you did. I started skiing when I was 5, and mountain biking at 14, so those have really been the constants in my life."

Those interests underwent subtle changes as Gump grew up and became a more seasoned athlete.

"I would say that my athletic pursuits are always evolving. I was lucky to figure out early on that my passion was in outdoor sports," he says. "The sports never really change, but the focus in any given year may shift. I do think that there are a fair amount of people that make that transition as older athletes."

Follow along and be inspired by Dan's upcoming race schedule filled with running and biking this 2023: Royal Gorge 12 Hrs Mountain Bike Race, Unbound Gravel 200, Ned Gravel (116 miles), Pikes Peak Ultra 50M Run, The Rad Dirt Fest (110 Gravel Race).