Lizzie Beck

Lizzie Beck Skiing

Lizzie Beck - Freestyle Skier

Lizzie Beck is 16 years old and is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has skied since the tiny age of two and started competing at age six. She was always trying to keep up and do exactly what the boys were doing. Following in her big brother's footsteps, she started competing in both slopestyle, and freestyle and went to Jr. Nationals several times in both. She has always had a love for skiing, ever since she first stepped foot on the mountain.

Lizzie is very competitive and is always striving to do her best by learning from her mistakes. She takes skiing very seriously and is very passionate about improving and learning new skills. She recently switched over to Big Mountain skiing this year and competes both locally, and nationally. Lizzie loves her teammates and coaches. She is so grateful for the sport and for being able to meet so many other talented athletes through competing around the world. She is always making new friends on the mountain and is inspiring other young rippers.

When Lizzie isn’t skiing she is either swimming to keep her endurance up, diving competitively or helping her P1 soccer team in her indoor/outdoor league. Lizzie is always wanting to be in tip-top shape for skiing, so she will do whatever it takes. Lizzie is very dedicated and always puts 100 percent into whatever she does.

10 Questions and answers from Lizzie:

  1. Favorite Music? Hip-hop and Rap music.
  2. Favorite place in the world? Kauai and Costa Rica.
  3. Favorite food? Steak.
  4. Favorite color? Blue.
  5. A guilty pleasure of yours? Watching Tiktoks.
  6. A mentor or someone you look up to inside of skiing? Henrik Harlaut, Maggie Voison.
  7. A mentor or someone you look up to outside of skiing? My mom because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I am today.
  8. Favorite ski trick? Disaster 450 switch out, or a massive backie.
  9. Favorite activity outside of skiing? Boating.
  10. What music do you listen to while skiing? Any type of Rap.

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