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kulkea review powder trekker the ski diva

Kulkea ski boot bag is “The best one yet.”

After a long quest for the best boot ski bag, The Ski Diva’s (TSD) journey concluded successfully with Kulkea’s Powder Trekker.  The feature rich, durable and comfortable bag earned, “two ski poles (way) up” from the avid skier’s discerning eye and appreciation for quality ski gear.

TSD’s review of the Powder Trekker included an illustration of the bag’s ingenious Intuitive Packing System, “engineered to keep you from losing your stuff while keeping it readily accessible. For example, there’s a zippered compartment on top that’s half lined with fleece to protect your goggles, the other half unlined for keeping your gaiters or balaclava.  And there’s a wide-mouthed main compartment for your layers, ski pants, and bulky items. “

On storage capacity and accessibility, TSD articulated why the Powder Trekker’s is better than that of Transpack’s. “Unlike other bags that hold your boots in a triangular pattern that encroaches on the inside, Kulkea bags keep your boots at right angles in two side-zipped outer compartments that are easy to get to and don’t squish your other stuff.” Further, “the retractable sling that holds your helmet on the outside…which opens the interior for your other stuff and keeps your helmet well ventilated.”

Providing insight on the superior craftsmanship and weight of The Powder Trekker, “it’s made of durable, water resistant nylon which is much lighter than my previous bag, and it’s extremely well made. All the seams are double reinforced, plus there’s generous amounts of high quality tarpaulin on the bottom, sides, front and back of the pack for water protection and durability.”

Finally, in her review on the comfort of the Powder Trekker, “the straps are padded so they’re comfortable and don’t dig into your shoulders. There’s a quick release buckle that lets you unclip the straps rather than trying to remove the bag by lifting it off.”

The Ski Diva’s verdict: “I’ve been through a number of bags and really, this is the best one yet. It’s well made, easy to pack, easy to haul, and I love all the compartments.”

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Boot Trekker Review – Gearist

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Boot trekker ski boot bag review

“The Boot Trekker Made My Season So Much Better”

In his recent review of Kulkea’s Boot Trekker, Brandon Wood from was super impressed with the skier friendly features, performance and the ruggedness of the ski boot bag. “Building a piece of gear that can check all the boxes – and then some – on your feature wish list is one thing. It’s another thing to accomplish that while making that gear over-the-top durable and well-constructed, but that is what Kulkea has accomplished with their Boot Trekker ski boot bag.”

Wood loved the bag’s great features and the functionality they provide including, “Backpack-grade shoulder straps which use Kulkea’s Pack Release buckles that allow you to simply unclip the straps rather than trying to lift off a super-stuffed pack…The features in the Boot Trekker are so vast that you could easily pack for an overnight trip with all but your skis inside and be ready to go.”

On durability, Wood put the ski boot bag to the test “I’ll just say it: I beat the hell out of this pack last season. It’s had sharp ski and snowboard edges stacked on top of it; been crammed with WAY too much gear (occupational hazard); been dropped while loaded onto rocks, pavement, snow and ice and really just put through the wringer. But it looks like new.

Form and fit are vital to the performance of ski gear wood indicated “Comfort with the Boot Trekker while on is really solid. Of course, the more you load anything down, the more adjusting you’ll have to do and fortunately the strap adjustability and the fact that these are not weak, afterthought straps goes a long way to finding that balance.”

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Powder Trekker Review – Girls’ Life

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Kulkea powder trekker review

They Tried the Ski Boot Bag that Hauls All

Girls’ Life Magazine (GL) put the Kulkea Powder Trekker ski boot bag to the test. In the hands of their resident ski instructor, Amanda, Girls’ Life discovered the beauty of the Powder Trekker and its Intuitive Packing System. “Before getting the Kulkea Powder Trekker boot bag, I lugged around a huge blue duffel bag with all of my ski gear — well, and some other stuff too….Once I moved into the Kulkea boot bag, my gear went from chaos to compartmentalized, and I was at once more organized.”

Amanda was happily impressed by the smart hauling capability of the Powder Trekker. “The beautiful thing about this bag is that there is a place for everything, but only enough space for what you truly need. There’s an insulated pocket in the front compartment for lunch. The large central compartment is big enough for gloves, a hat and neck warmer, snow pants and a layer or two. I reserve the small pocket on the very top of the bag for my goggles (the inside of the pocket is lined with fleece to protect delicate lenses), my phone, deodorant and a travel bottle of lotion for cold, windy days that are harsh on my skin.” And, the helmet sling was a welcome bonus! “The sling pulls out and wraps around a helmet, so you don’t have to find a place for it elsewhere, a brilliant design given that helmets tend to be the most cumbersome item to find a place for in a ski bag.”

It is more than the superb design of the Powder Trekker that won over Girls’ Life. It is the technical features, such as ventilated boot pockets and weather protective fabrics. It is the “bulletproof” durability and workmanship. It is an organizer that allowed Amanda the correct amount of space for what she “really, truly, absolutely” needs for a day at the mountain. The Powder Trekker is a great ski boot bag for going from the home to the car to the hill.

Read the full review from Girls’ Life.

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Image courtesy of Girls’ Life

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Choice Ski Boot Bag

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Powder Trekker OnTheSnow Editors' Choice

Kulkea Powder Trekker Named Editors’ Choice by OnTheSnow

In only its first season the Kulkea Powder Trekker ski boot bag received the 2015 Editors’ Choice from OnTheSnow! The Powder Trekker was developed over the last several years based upon the ingenious design, high quality and extensive feature sets that skiers have come to expect from Kulkea. We’re proud to share that the Powder Trekker and its four great colorways made the grade with OnTheSnow.

OnTheSnow’s review highlighted the smart-design of Kulkea’s latest addition to its ski boot bag lineup. “Powder Trekker is feature loaded, with ample gear stash spaces, all of which are tailored for the item designed to go there.”

Accolades from the editors included how the Powder Trekker’s brilliant design is intended to keep skiers organized and prepared for a day on the slopes. “The bag’s Intuitive Packing System is genius, with purpose-built pockets for goggles (with super soft microfiber lining), balaclavas/face masks, apparel/layers, sunscreen and/or snacks and water, and of course, your boots on the sides with water-resistant material.”

OnTheSnow loved the skier-friendly features of the boot bag that make it easy to carry gear, and the best choice for 2015. The “hiking-grade adjustable shoulder and sternum straps and a pack-release option that allows you to take it off without hassle.”

OnTheSnow enthusiastically called out their favorite Powder Trekker feature. “We love the deployable helmet sling designed for carrying your helmet on the outside for space and stink reasons. It packs away in its own zippered pocket when you don’t need it.”

Read the review from OnTheSnow.

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The Ski Boot Bag That Holds Everything

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KULKEA Boot Trekker Mens Journal Review

Men’s Journal Reviews the Boot Trekker

The Men’s Journal Gear Lab got their hands on the Kulkea Boot Trekker and gave us an “over-the-top” review.  Hugely impressed, Greg Emmanuel, Men’s Journal Editor, said the Boot Trekker is, “the most thoughtfully designed ski boot bag we have ever used, this durable backpack has a solution for stowing everything you need on the mountain.”  We at Kulkea could not agree more!

The Boot Trekker improves the ski experience and the Gear Lab got it.  Instead of dealing with the “gnarly proposition” of hauling gear to the mountain, the Gear Lab found our ski boot bag “virtually eliminates the stress.”

“Beginning with your boots, two well proportioned side pockets house those cumbersome behemoths easily and have the added feature of Velcro vents that open to air out wet boots after a long day of skiing. The main gear compartment is large enough for plenty of extra layers and a three-course lunch, while a second front pocket is almost as big and includes a soft pouch that allows ski goggles to hang untouched by the rest of your gear.”

In addition to the smart design of the Boot Trekker, Kulkea’s commitment to quality and durability was also praised “the bag is equally impressive when it comes to sturdiness.”  In particular, “the Boot Trekker is made of a water resistant nylon and the Tarpaulin-reinforced bottom that mean you can literally throw it in the snow and around the lodge without a second thought.  Even the zipper pulls feel indestructible.”

Kulkea, lauded for its high quality and thoughtfully designed ski boot bags, continues to impress customers and even the toughest of reviewers, taking the snow sport industry by storm.

See the full Boot Trekker review in Men’s Journal.

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Boot Trekker – A Favorite Ski Boot Bag

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 Boot Trekker Reviewed by The Brave Ski Mom

Colorado native, Kristen Lummis AKA The Brave Ski Mom, recently added the high quality Boot Trekker ski boot backpack to her favorite gear list.  Lummis, a 50+ day a year skier, noted that the Boot Trekker, “stands alone in terms of efficiency” and is a premier piece of equipment for parents. She emphasized that, “for the parent who carries EVERYTHING, the Kulkea Boot Trekker can make your journey from car to ski lodge much easier and more organized.”

Ski boot bag Kulkea Boot TrekkerThe Brave Ski Mom was impressed by the Boot Trekker’s novel functionality and extensive feature set.  Her review listed a number of the components from Kullkea’s Intuitive Packing System that set it apart from others, “a flip down front pocket has a fuzzy pouch for your goggles, and room for lunch and water. A small front pocket stores little things like lip balm and sunscreen, while individual glove pockets are found on each side. A stowable sling pops out and snaps into place to tote your helmet, and a large central compartment holds everything else!”

This snow sport enthusiast from the Western Slope also identified a number of the critical, but less obvious benefits that Kulkea has designed into the Boot Trekker.  In particular, she explained that the Boot Trekker’s alpine boot designed side pockets are not only large for holding ski boots, but that they have been correctly, “positioned to keep the boots from banging you in the spine.” Her kudos extended further to the Boot Trekker’s hiking grade support system when she pointed out that “best of all, as a really nice touch, the back is padded and contoured.”

Most importantly, Lummis acknowledged that the Boot Trekker achieves its goal of improving the ski experience. The review ended with, “load it up and mom or dad can carry all of their stuff, leaving adult hands free for carrying kids’ gear or just walking hand-in-hand to the lodge.”

See the Boot Trekker in Women’s Adventure Magazine.

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“Best Ski Boot Bag Ever” – Palmer Hoyt on the Boot Trekker

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Palmer Hoyt Endorses KULKEA’s Boot Trekker

We were thrilled when asked about the Kulkea Boot Trekker, Palmer Hoyt Professional skier, Author and Coach said, “It’s the best ski boot bag ever!”

Palmer Hoyt Kulkea Ski Boot Bag

Palmer went on to explain, “Equipment is so important to skiing. Having a Kulkea ski boot bag that carries such a huge volume of gear and apparel in a smart and organized manner is awesome.”

We asked Palmer about features that set Kulkea boot bags apart from others, “The serious hiking grade support system and the differentiating features like the helmet sling, glove pockets, pack release, close-able boot vent windows, alpine boot shaped boot pockets combined with the attention to detail like higher waterproofing lines makes this the BEST BOOT BAG I have ever used.”

We asked if there was anything else Palmer wanted to share, he simply stated, “Every skier needs a Kulkea ski boot bag.”

Palmer Hoyt is a Professional skier, author and founder of Love to Ski, and Director/Head Coach of the 5 time National Collegiate Freestyle Skiing Champion University of Colorado Freestyle Ski Team. More about Palmer Hoyt.

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Boot Trekker Review – SKI Magazine Stuff We Like

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KULKEA’s Boot Trekker a “Fave for this Season”

In their online article, Stuff We Like: Boot Bags – No matter your needs, these boot bags deliver, the good folks at SKI Magazine provided another great review for the KULKEA Boot Trekker.  In the article introduction, it’s clear that Berne Broudy has lived through some of the same challenges KULKEA ski boot bags help to overcome.  “Hauling your gear to the hill…can be a messy proposition, with gloves falling in the snow, goggles getting left in the car, etc.”

Kulkea boot trekker review ski magazine

The solution, a great ski boot bag, “Can solve the problem by tucking away your goggles and gloves as well as your ski pass, extra layers, lunch, sunscreen, and anything else you need for a day on the hill.”

In the review KULKEA’s Boot Trekker was identified as one of SKI Mag’s “Faves for this season.”

“If organization is your main priority, Kulkea’s Boot Trekker is your bag. It carries your boots, one on each side with a closable vented panel. But boot carrying is only one of its functions. A large central gear compartment can be packed with bulky fleeces, snacks, helmet cam accessories, water bottles  and more.  A soft goggle pouch protects your eyewear, while designated single glove pockets help ensure you’re not leaving the resort without one. Dual wide mouth forward pockets hold more gear—use one for each kid you’re keeping track of, ID holders, document pockets, external zipper pockets, and clear zippered pockets—there is a pocket for everything you could possibly need to stash. Carry your load with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, all sewn to a supportive back panel.”

In addition to identifying several unique features, we’re happy to read the call of our back friendly feature, “One of our favorite features: a back-saving pack release buckle that lets you disengage one shoulder strap and drop your load without twisting and bending. A deployable helmet sling holds your lid, and you can strap everything else onto a front gear loop.”

See SKI Magazine’s Boot Trekker Review. 

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Ski Trekker & Boot Trekker – Boston Globe Review

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“Ingenious” Must Have for the Slopes

The Ski Trekker and Boot Trekker were reviewed by Kari Bodnarchuk, long-time skier and writer for the Boston Globe.  In her article, 8 must-haves for the slopes Kari shared our enthusiasm and understood the utility of the All-in-one ski and boot bag, “Kulkea’s ingenious new bag, the Ski Trekker, was created by a Westwood dad who understands the challenge of carrying mounds of gear. It can haul one pair of adult skis, plus boots, clothes, and other equipment in an organized, civilized way.”

She also appreciated and highlighted the Ski Trekker’s feature-rich design, “The backpack-style bag, with pockets galore, has a sleeve that extends through the main compartment and holds a pair of skis in place, a boot pocket on each side with air vents, a helmet sling, a snow cover, a microfiber-lined goggle pouch, and other handy pockets. The bag has adequate back and shoulder padding for hauling your load from car to base lodge.”

Finally, Kari pointed out some of the unique benefits of our Ski boot bag “Kulkea’s Boot Trekker includes similar features, but has two large main compartments for storing gear.”

We at Kulkea are really excited that Kari enjoyed the Trekker series and hope you will too! Learn more about Kari.

8 must-haves for the slopes also ran in the Boston Sunday Globe’s November 4, 2012 print edition.

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Ski Trekker Review on Tuckerman Ravine

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We couldn’t resist. Although the Ski Trekker ski & boot bag was developed as a recreational skier pack to go from parking lot to lodge, we were dying to see how far we could push it. We had to give it the challenge of Tuckerman Ravine, NH, the birthplace of US backcountry skiing.

In March 2012, we put the Ski Trekker into the hands of avid VT backcountry ski trekker, Andrea Gallitano. Andrea regularly pushes himself and his gear to the extreme. Ski & Boot Bag KULKEA Ski Trekker Tuckerman'sHis favorite stomping ground is the Northern Presidential Range in NH, which he has trekked over 40 times, including skiing Oakes Gulf, the Munroe Brook, the Ammonoosuc Ravine, the Cog Rail, Mount Munroe and, of course, multiple visits to Tuckerman Ravine. Prior to testing the Ski Trekker at Tucks he relied upon various 40-110 litre packs with compression strap systems for carrying skis.

Here is what Andrea had to say after climbing Tucks three times using the Ski Trekker:

“The Ski Trekker is superior to other systems, and clearly my pack of choice. The Ski Trekker holds skis more firmly than packs designed for A-Frame uses. The Ski Trekker does away with the hassle of additional fasteners to hold my skis (eg: bungie cords and duct tape). Further, when I am unsure of the terrain I will encounter, the Ski Trekker allows me to simultaneously carry my crampons, skis, skins, snowshoes, poles and an ice axe.”

Andrea was also impressed with how the Ski Trekker allowed him to avoid banging into trailside rocks and obstacles, and with the ability to easily elevate skis for downward trekking.

KULKEA Ski Boot Bag Review Trekking Tuckerman's

The Ski Trekker is still the solution for men and dads to help families go from parking lot to lodge, but we know Andrea can’t wait to get out there again with the Ski Trekker.

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Ski & Boot Backpacks Review –

February 16 in Boot Trekker, Reviews by Steven Abramowitz Comments Off on Ski & Boot Backpacks Review –

The folks at also attended the SIA Snow Show in Denver and wrote a review on the Trekker series of Ski and Boot backpacks:

“Kulkea’s two initial products are the Ski Trekker, designed to carry both skis and boots, and the Boot Trekker, with a children’s Boot Trekker coming soon. David Abramowitz, who owns the company and designs the products, says that his mission is to make products that are conceived by skiers for skiers. He designed his packs to have place for everything — including gloves, goggles, and helmet, as well as boots and skis. The compartments are well organized and easily accessible. The pack releases with a touch of a button, which makes removing a loaded pack a breeze. The bottom “tarpaulin” material is sewn up the sides to prevent water-marking when the packs are placed on and in snow.”

“Kulkea packs look like a great solution for families and weekend warriors who schlep their gear from the parking lot to the lodge.”

Read the full review on

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All in One Ski Pack Review

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The Ski Trekker received yet another positive review, this time on  After checking out Kulkea’s all in one ski pack,  Sean McCoy wrote a review calling out some of the great features and functionality of the Ski Trekker.  Sean realized that there was an underserved need for the Ski Trekker as it, “solves a simple problem by organizing all the gear needed for a day on the snow.”

Another spot on observation is that the all in one ski & boot pack is durable and convenient, “the bags appear tough and great for throwing from basement to car to hotel room and back again.”

Sean understood that while the Ski Trekker has many uses it was designed, “for general ski gear transportation” to help keep your ski gear safe and to get you on the snow quickly in an organized manner, “keeping everything protected and in one place.”

Read the full All-in-one Ski pack review here.

All in One Ski Pack Review - Ski Trekker

All in One Ski Trekker

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Ski & Boot Backpack Review – Ski Trekker

February 4 in Reviews by Steven Abramowitz Comments Off on Ski & Boot Backpack Review – Ski Trekker

As posted previously, Kulkea’s debut of the Ski Trekker Ski & Boot backpack at the Denver SIA Snow Show brought many positive comments.  After the show, Brian O’Connor at KineticShift wrote a review of the Ski Trekker.  He too understands the challenges skiers face, “The rush of getting to the slope sometimes means that your gear is strewed all over the car, which inevitably means that something will be left behind.”

Further, Brian indicated that Kulkea’s innovative approach provides a solution, ” transport all of your Alpine gear from the car to the slope in one backpack. The new Ski Trekker is designed to not only hold your boots, helmet and gloves, but also your skis.”

The ability to carry all of your gear in one bag not only keeps your ski essentials together it also helps take the schlep out of skiing.  We developed the Ski Trekker out of our personal frustration of trying to keep track of and carry all of our gear, and helping our kids get their gear to the lodge.  We knew that there had to be a better way and were amazed that no one had come up with it.  After years of development, several designers and good ole trial and error, we prevailed.

Ski Trekker Ski Boot Bag Kulkea

Kulkea Ski & Boot Bag

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