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Micro Pack™ Built for Your Adventure.

The multi-talented and avid outdoorsman Brian Finch put Kulkea’s Micro Pack to the test. In his review Finch details the pack’s “killer features” and stellar performance throughout his skiing, trail running and dry ice climbing adventures.

Starting with quality and design, Micro Pack “is on a different level entirely…it is seriously overbuilt!!! Overbuilt a fantastic way kind of like the Dana design packs of the mid 90s. The stuff that your kids will pass down to their kids. The bag is a super low profile, lightweight backpack that is specifically designed for action sports. It is made out of a water resistant polyurethane coated 420 D ripstop polyester and 330 D ripstop polyester. Stuff is just bomber.”
“The great aspect of this bag as you can literally be the absolute snot out of it 100 days a year on the chairlift and never have to worry about the durability.”

Finch identifies the “absolutely killer features” including “the security pocket and key clip, the very innovative helmet loops that allow you to attach your favorite lid, “tuck it away“ waist belt, Lip balm holder and emergency whistle, daisy chain, it’s got a hydration holder it’ll let you store two water bottles, big ominous primary pocket they will let you put your extra gloves hats and lunch inside, some stashed pockets, vision swapped it allows you the store glasses or lenses and some absolutely insane straps on it.”

No More Strap Attack

Commenting on the pack’s awesome support, and fit, “The best part of the pack for me was the straps. They’re very beefy but supportively padded and they contour perfectly against the chest wall and torso. So much so that running or skinning or even dry tool ice climbing- the pack just fits perfectly against your torso and does nothing to restrict body motion. If you’ve ever suffered from the dreaded “strap attack” or had excruciating chafing from a bag, the Kulkea will let you experience a whole new level of motion.”

Skinning and Skiing

When skinning up, Brian found the pack pleasurable. “One of the really nice features is some drainage to the lower pocket and also some compression closures. This allows you to toss your skins in very easily without having to worry about them getting gunked up in the middle of your pack- The drainage is also key as you likely have some moisture on your skins.”

On the way down and back up a lift “skiing down was really surprising because the pack just disappears after the second or third turn - you don’t really notice it at all. It’s also skinny enough that if you need to ride the chairlift it doesn’t push you forward or put your cervical spine in an awkward position. Really well-thought-out design features.”

Brian's recommends MicroPack for your adventures, "Do you like to ski all day not go in? This is your bag. Do you like to not feel like you buy the same crap every year because it falls apart? Also, this is your bag...."

Who is the pack not for, and what are Brian's Pro tips? See the full review for more great information on

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