Tandem Ski Duffle Bag Review – The Ski Diva

Tandem Ski Duffle Bag Review – The Ski Diva

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Rave Review of Kulkea’s Ski Duffle.

Her kids have grown so The Ski Diva reached out to a friend who put Tandem to the test. Emily Bryk an avid skier with two children ages 2 and 5 knows skiing with the little ones can be challenging.  According to Bryk “for me, one of the hardest things is just managing all the gear. The most difficult part about a ski day is sometimes getting to the mountain in the first place.”
Tandem is the solution. “Kulkea’s Tandem boot duffle bag makes everything easier. It’s a double duffle, large enough to hold two kids’ ski gear and with enough specialized storage to keep everyone organized all day long.”

Tandem is the go-to bag for ski parents. It’s designed to get parents and kids on the slopes quickly with everything they need. “When I started to open up the Tandem, I understood why: the Cooler Top™ means that the entire top of the bag opens, which allows access to every part of the bag. No more twisting and angling to fit boots or helmets and no more wondering exactly which wrinkle the chapstick fell into. With the entire bag opened up wide, it’s easy to load up fast and to check out your gear at a glance.”

Emily was thrilled at Tandem’s capacity and skier friendly organizational features “This bag is B-I-G. It holds a startling 64 liters.  It could be easy to lose things in that amount of space, but it’s not. The bag has four large interior compartments. Two are designed to hold helmets and boots (they’re ventilated, thank goodness!), and two more designed to hold snow pants, extra layers, and other clothing. On top of that, the lid has two mesh pockets, perfect for smaller items like hats, gloves, or (if you’re me) snacks.”

Yes, I Need a Tandem. Order Online.

At first, Bryk was concerned that the duffle when loaded up might be difficult to carry, however she was delighted to find that its design alleviates that concern.  “Honestly, though, this isn’t a problem. The adjustable shoulder strap is padded enough to distribute the load nicely, and the messenger-style structure kept it easy to carry.”

While the bag is designed for kids gear, Emily snuck in her gear as well.
“The Tandem is so adaptable that it got all three of us to the mountain. While the bag promises to fit only boots up to 22.5, I actually fit my 24s in there without a hitch.”

After skiing, Bryk commented on another great feature “On the way home from the mountain, things got even better. Those boot compartments? They have grommets for drainage, so damp boots don’t stay damp for long.”

Finally, in addition to the bag being flexible to be used for various activities, for skiing, Emily’s final statement sums up Tandem perfectly. “So do you need a Tandem? If you have small kids, absolutely. This bag’s size and features make it easy to pack, easy to carry, and easy to organize. I’m not going skiing without it.”

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