Talvi X Ski Boot Bag Review - The Ski Diva

Talvi X Ski Boot Bag Review - The Ski Diva

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New 2020 Ski Boot Bag with Finnish Inspiration.

Wendy Clinch AKA The Ski Diva loves Kulkea’s 2020 Talvi X ski boot bag. Wendy was already familiar with Kulkea packs “I pretty much knew what to expect: a bag that’s high in quality, intelligently engineered, and built to last under the toughest conditions. And lo and behold, with Talvi X that’s exactly what I got.”

Kulkea’s goal with Talvi X is to meet the needs of skiers who are looking for a more basic bag that’s higher in quality and better looking than those offered by other manufacturers.

While the initial release was last season, according to Wendy “The big news this year is its availability in a few new colors, based on customer feedback: green with a sky blue Finnish hannunvaakuna pattern (hannunvaakuna is an ancient Finnish symbol of luck), lavender with a sky blue Finnish hannunvaakuna pattern, and red with a snowflake pattern.”

Wendy articulated on the great features including the size of the Talvi X. “While the Powder Trekker is my everyday go-to-the-mountain bag, there are times when I need a bit more room. If want to bring additional layers or something to change into, après ski. And when I’m traveling by air, I generally carry a complete slate of ski clothes in my boot bag — which I never check — in case the airlines lose my luggage (which they have). The Talvi X is bigger than the Powder Trekker (3660 cu in vs. 3200 cu in), but not too big that it’s difficult to manage. As someone who’s not that large, to me, this is important.”

On comfort and fit Wendy zeroed in on some of what sets the bag ahead of the pack. “Some boot bags are just plain uncomfortable to carry. Not the Talvi X. Maybe the companies pay more attention to the bag component than that do to the carrying part? On Talvi X, the straps have a lot of padding and they’re really easy to adjust.”

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