Thermal Trekker Review - Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

Thermal Trekker Review - Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

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What a Way to Start Your Day.

Skiguy from Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting, is not only a expert boot fitter, he's an avid skier and now a huge fan of Kulkea's heated ski boot bag.  After inspecting the bag and seeing customer excitement about the innovative design and features, he decided it was time to try the heated bag for himself.

"The Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Back Pack is the most versatile heated boot bag I have ever seen. Not only do you have plenty of room in this heated bag for your boots and gear, it all stays very warm."

Although the bags were flying off the shelf, he couldn't resist trying the Thermal Trekker for himself. "I took a Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag out of stock on Monday to really see how it performs. I already plugged it in at home last week and it heated my boots inside and out in 45 minutes. The Thermal Trekker passed the first test with flying colors, but that was in the house and ski boots only."

Now, Skiguy was ready to put Thermal Trekker into action. "It was time to really test it though, and that could only be done on a regular ski day. I filled it up with my pants, fleece vest, base layers and all my accessories. So on Monday I got up to go skiing and the first thing I did was plug in the Thermal Trekker. I figured if I plug it in and set it on high while I get ready, it would be warm by the time I left."

Heading out with a friend to drive to the mountain, Skiguy plugged in the bag with the AC car adapter with fantastic results. "Then my buddy showed up around 45 minutes later and I plugged it into his lighter outlet. When we showed up at the ski area I went to put on my pants and they were so warm. I checked the rest of the clothing and accessories, well all of it was really warm!"

Now for the It was time for the real test, ski boots.

"I pulled out my Lange RS 130’s and they were so easy to put on, and if you know that boot you will understand how hard that can be. The best part of this bag is it didn’t just warm up the shell and make it 75% easier to put on, it even warmed my liners."

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