Micro Pack: Trail Pack Review - Mountain Town Magazine

Micro Pack: Trail Pack Review - Mountain Town Magazine

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Smartly Engineered Ski and Trail Backpack.

In her review for Mountain Town Magazine, Kristen Lummis AKA The Brave Ski Mom took a deep dive into KULKEA’s smartly engineered Micro Pack. The multi-purpose Trail pack is perfect for those who want to wear a durable, functional and minimal backpack while skiing, riding and hiking.

“The Micro Pack is for skiers and snowboarders who have stuff to carry on the mountain but don’t want to fill their pockets to bursting or wear a heavy backpack while skiing and riding the lift….Micro Pack is a good solution when you have items you need to carry, but want to go as light as possible. We think it’s also well-suited to cross-country skiing and short summer hikes.”

With its unique design, Micro Pack comes with a detailed instructional hang tag including suggestions on how to best utilize its various compartments and strap systems. Lummis comments on the activity-friendly features that make the Micro Pack a great companion for a day of adventure.

“At first, using the pack can be a bit disorienting. For while it looks like a cross between a traditional daypack and a small hydration pack, there is no top opening. Instead, there is a side-opening zipper pocket where I might put my wallet and phone and someone else might put a sandwich. A roomy top pocket is clearly made to hold goggles, while a two-sided adjustable holster is perfect for water bottles. Additional pockets and attachment straps offer users the ability to stow or strap on other essentials.”

Why a Micro Pack?
To understand why KULKEA engineered the Micro Pack, founder David Abramowitz commented that the inspiration came from skiers. “We identified that skiers are in need of things like swapping goggles for sunglasses, shedding a mid- or top-layer as things heat up in the afternoon, or a good solution for spring skiing when they aren’t wearing a jacket with pockets.”

To put the Micro pack to the test, Lummis loaded it up for skinning up at a resort last spring. She included, “snacks, a thermos, gloves, glove liners, a helmet, goggles, a neck gaiter, beanie, sweater, sunscreen and lip balm. With the exception of the sweater and helmet which were both strapped on, everything else fit internally. Best, the entire load weighed less than 5 pounds and was very comfortable.  Skiing down, we’d put on the helmet and sweater and strap the climbing skins in their storage bag to the outside of the pack.”

Micro Pack is designed as a personal pack, not for the designated group 'Sherpa' who stows a family lunch or gear for backcountry adventures. “However, if your primary aversion to skiing or riding with a pack is fear of getting stuck on the lift and becoming a dangler (we’ve all seen the videos!), Micro Pack's design has you covered…If the Micro Pack gets entangled in a tree, on a lift or elsewhere, buckles on the front of the pack quickly release the shoulder straps, detaching you from the Micro Pack and allowing you to ski away from any danger.”

Lummis’ final verdict on the Micro Pack: “Smart. Engineer smart.” See the full Trail Pack review on Mountain Town.

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