Couch Shredders

Couch Shredders

Introducing Couch Shredders: An exclusive Kulkea series giving you insight into what the Kulkea athletes have been getting up to while in lockdown. We have checked in with them and asked the following questions to give you the inside scoop. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing each athlete's message with you - stay tuned!⁠

  1. What has training/practice been looking like for you during lockdown?

  2. How are you staying entertained at home?

  3. What are you most looking forward to after this is over?

  4. Do you have a favourite activity you would recommend to others?

  5. If you could send a message to the world right now, what would it be?

Nick Goepper
Julia Krass
Lupe Hagearty
Lizzie Beck
John Brown

Elaina Krusiewski
Andy Parry


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