Four Activities to Get the Most Out of Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

Four Activities to Get the Most Out of Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

Published by Chris Kattak

Whether you're excited about getting outside more or dreading the end of ski season, spring is on the horizon. That means warmer weather, greener surroundings, and more daylight to enjoy being outside. On Sunday, March 14, we will be setting the clocks forward. Losing that extra hour of sleep can seem bothersome, but we have four activities to spring you out of bed when your alarm goes off an hour "early" so that you can safely take advantage of the extra sunlight.


Whether you want to go for a quick hike at a local nature preserve or find your way onto some land trust trails, you can now count on the sun to brighten your path. Start your morning off right or spend the evening trekking through the wilderness with your Micro-Pack Multisport Trail Backpack because you will soon have more natural light to guide you on your journey.

Hike at a local nature preserve


As ski season comes to an end, you can begin to pack away your boots and poles and break out your bike with the OTRmost Cycling Collection. With extra sunlight comes a greater opportunity to fit a bike ride in before or after work. Or, spend the weekend riding with friends and family. Find a route here.

Break out your bike with the OTRmost Cycling Collection


Why not find a local campground or set up a tent in your backyard to bask in the glory of spending time in the outdoors? Whether it's sitting around a campfire sharing stories or taking a kayak out on the water if you can, camping is a great way to unplug and unwind.

Camping is a great way to unplug and unwind


As spring arrives, so will the natural beauty around us. Now is the time to get out and experience the changes in scenery. Get up an hour early so that you can watch the sunrise, go out for a walk after work to enjoy the sunset, and take pride in looking back on all that you were able to accomplish in between. And if you need some inspiration, try out our adventure tips - whether it's day-tripping close to home or exploring some unforgettable hikes.

Explore sunrise and sunset natural beauty

It can be easy to complain about the fact that you are "losing" an extra hour of sleep, but instead, focus on the positives and begin to think about how you plan to utilize the extra sunlight in your life to go out and enjoy the world around you.

What are you planning to do with your extra daylight? Let us know

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