First Turns at Cranmore

First Turns at Cranmore

Published by Brian Irwin

Ski Tools for Life Skills.

Finally things are rolling here in the Mt Washington Valley. We've had two dumps so far and the guns are cranking the man made into whales and what will soon be sheets of cord. My boys (Andrew, age 13 and Reid, age 10) dusted off the sticks and headed out to stretch out for a bunch of runs at our local mountain Cranmore Mountain Resort (opens in new window). I patrol there when I'm not in my office, and it's a great family hill. Steep couloirs it may not have, but history it does. Cranmore was home to the first ski school in the country, spearheaded by the venerable Hannes Schneider who'd emigrated from Austria.

I've been patrolling at Cranmore for almost 14 years. My sons both took their first runs there at age two. It's a special place to me and my family, where traditions run deep. And getting in and out of the patrol locker room with Kulkea Boot Trekkers was a breeze. Oh how I wish my kids had these bags when they were in the local ski program at school, a program where EVERY student leaves school one day per week and learns how to ski. At Cranmore. After all, it's a life skill, and needs life's tools.

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