10 Tips for Skiing with Children

10 Tips for Skiing with Children

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Smart Tips when Skiing with Kids.

Those idyllic scenes and enjoyable moments of family skiing are yours for the taking. With a little planning and preparation you can avoid the pitfalls. Here’s a short list of what it takes.

  1. Ski a Family Friendly Mountain - There is a mountain out there for every skier. Find a mountain with the right terrain and amenities for your family. Make sure to consider trail difficulty, mountain conditions, weather, lodging, ski schools and après activities because they all impact the experience.
  2. Get Organized - Losing, forgetting or misplacing gear, apparel or accessories when skiing is often stressful and costly. Reduce the risk by ensuring each skier has his or her stuff organized in a compartmentalized ski boot bag that has a place for everything, including lunch and water.
    • Young Children - A duffle bag or children’s sized ski boot bag will do. Parents usually end up carrying this bag so both a handle and shoulder strap are helpful.
    • Older Children - Check out Kulkea’s lightweight Powder Trekker ski boot bag for smaller sized teenagers.  For larger sized teenagers Kulkea's Boot Trekker and Speed Pack ski boot bags are perfect.
    • Parents - Don’t forget to take care of you too! It’s critical that your stuff is stowed in a comfortable, ski boot backpack. You'll need your hands free for the car keys, to help the kids, to buy lift tickets, etc.  Checkout Kulkea’s Boot Trekker, Powder Trekker and Speed Pack ski boot bags.
  3. Learn the Mountain Logistics - Where is parking in relation to the lodge, ski school and ski shop? Is it a long walk? Are there drop-off points, buses or valet services?
  4. Know the Elements - It sounds obvious, but watch the weather. If it’s sunny don’t forget the sunscreen. If it’s freezing or windy remember face-masks, balaclavas and all the layers.
  5. Bring the Phone - Keep it on your person and make sure it is charged up! You’ll want to stay in touch with the kids and ski schools and other family members.
  6. Scope the Mountain - Carry or download a trail map. Make sure the family knows which lifts you’ll be using.
  7. Pick a Meet-up Location - Pick a meeting point in the event anyone gets separated on the mountain. It will eventually happen so it's a good idea to have this plan even when off-mountain.
  8. Be Smart About Lunch - Pick a location and time to meet. Take an early or late lunch to avoid the crowds and get a seat. You can save some money by packing a lunch and water in your ski boot bag.
  9. Dinner Reservations - Book early. Don’t wait until the day of to think about dinner, especially at large resort areas during holidays and school vacation weeks.
  10. Bring a Bathing Suit & Flip Flops - The kids will be looking-forward to a hot tub or swimming, sometimes more than skiing so do not forget these important items.

Use these 10 tips to make the most out of your next family adventure on the slopes. Also, see our related articles for additional tips and insights.

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