Release - The Snow Adventure Series

Release 7 - Chasing Caite Zeliff
Kulkea Release 2 - Jackson Hole Tram
Release 2 - Boot Trekkers on tailgate

Chasing first turns, the Design team at Kulkea spontaneously hits the road for Jackson Hole, WY. Watch as they trek across the country and the people they encounter when stopping in Stowe, Buffalo, Chicago, The Badlands, and Jackson Hole…Where next?

Grab Kulkea Ski and Boot Bags for the road.

Release #1 - Road to Jackson Hole - Chasing first turns, the Design team at Kulkea spontaneously hits the road for Jackson Hole.

Release #2 - My Turns First - We get the word from Caite and Benny... The Hostel is where we should hold up. It's Nuking in Jackson... No friends on powder days, and it lasted the whole stint. Gnar lenses and flow-shows, we all just threw it out the window and ripped pow. My Turns First... If I see ya, I see ya.

Release #3 - Yesterday's Pillows - Hostel Rick leads the way into 3D territory. No trail names... we could not see anything but pow. The deepest snow in years, it was a challenge to stay on solid terrain and upright. Lots of holes, lots of slough, it was rotating faces each run as the frenzy unfolded.

Release #4 - PSA - Break away from the noise and focus. Be Aware, Ski With Care. A Public Service Announcement; but it's still My Turns First in the white room.

Release #5 - Finding Benny - A casual encounter with a skiing pioneer, Captain Benny Wilson. Founding Father of the Jackson Hole Air Force, Benny is as original as it gets. Benny grew up at The Hostel where we ended up staying... best happenstance ever. We share Vermont Peanut Butter, stories of old times, and a few lines on the hill.
Read more about Benny.
Get some Vermont Peanut Butter.

Release #6 - Intermission - Fireball - The crew heads out of Jackson and makes it to Lincoln Nebraska. The rig is not turning over... We are towed over to 24 Auto Repair and get the down home Nebraska treatment. The Nowhere Bar and Grill provides for a hot meal and some priceless local characters.

Release #7 - Chasing Caite Zeliff - Caite said hey you can sleep on my couch... the rest was history. We jumped in the rig and headed west to the Hostel so we wouldn't overload the washing machine.
Caite is an accomplished freeskier with many podiums - one in Japan just a few weeks ago with more stops on the way. Watch out for her on the Freeride World Tour this season.

Release #8 - Loafa James Fullerton - My first job in life was under the wing of this man. Thank you JFames for the inspiration. The countless days of following this man through the trees... Thank you Jim for keeping the mission consistent.
James Fullerton is a lifer in the Maine ski scene. You can either find him at the shop, the fields, or the slopes of Sugarloaf.