Release 3: Yesterday's Pillows

Published by K J

The first thing you do in any ski town; seek out a seasoned local. With a boot room, full service "Wax Emporium", and a healthy flow of Skids, The Hostel is a magnet for those in the know. Though officially against company policy, its the innkeepers that are even better at sniffing out the lines.

Enjoy `Yesterday's Pillows` as Hostel Rick leads the way into 3D territory.

No trail names... we could not see anything but pow. The deepest snow in years, it was a challenge to stay on solid terrain and upright. Lots of holes, lots of slough, it was rotating faces each run as the frenzy unfolded.

The crew cannot say enough about The Hostel. Great people, superb location, excellent coffee, oh and you can crash there.

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