Release 9: Egans - HALL of FAME

Published by K J

Here we are at Stowe supporting the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.  Class of 2016 inductees include Freeskiing legends Dan and John Egan, The Egan Brothers.

We had rain and Spring corn, then a foot on the back end of the storm which provided for a perfect New England send off to the season. In between events we get in some turns and congratulate an old friend on the hill.

It's Snowsport History Week in Stowe and there were far too many notables to note in town; John speaks to it well in this Release.

The Egan's have traveled the world with Warren Miller productions and provided inspiring entertainment for skiing enthusiasts and beyond. The abilities and accomplishments are many but its likely the attitude that has propelled them the most... Just a couple good guys, doing what they love and it shines brightly.

Both have since moved on to become independent legends of the industry as well. The brothers have inspired legions of skiers and riders, myself included.

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