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Ski & Boot Backpacks Review –

The folks at also attended the SIA Snow Show in Denver and wrote a review on the Trekker series of Ski and Boot backpacks:

“Kulkea’s two initial products are the Ski Trekker, designed to carry both skis and boots, and the Boot Trekker, with a children’s Boot Trekker coming soon. David Abramowitz, who owns the company and designs the products, says that his mission is to make products that are conceived by skiers for skiers. He designed his packs to have place for everything — including gloves, goggles, and helmet, as well as boots and skis. The compartments are well organized and easily accessible. The pack releases with a touch of a button, which makes removing a loaded pack a breeze. The bottom “tarpaulin” material is sewn up the sides to prevent water-marking when the packs are placed on and in snow.”

“Kulkea packs look like a great solution for families and weekend warriors who schlep their gear from the parking lot to the lodge.”

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