Mt Washington Sherburne Irwin Boys Kulkea

Fresh Tracks on the Sherburne

Cat Up to the Goods.

Last weekend I had a great morning with my two sons, Reid and Andy. I’ve been volunteering for the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol for 15 years and have come to know the east side of The Rockpile fairly well. My sons, ages 10 and 13 had not been up to Hermit Lake, the origin of the Sherburne, since they were little and I’d either carried them up there or dragged them in a pulk. We were gifted the red carpet treatment by the Lead Snow Ranger for the USFS, Frank Carus. We hitched a ride on the snowcat, blazed up ahead of all the skinners, and caught second tracks through the boot-top powder. The boys loved it and I loved seeing my two best friends learn how to shred the fluff. Thanks to Frank Carus for the ride and thanks again to Kulkea for the Micro Pack that helped Andy keep his beloved camera handy.

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