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Ice Storm at Cranmore

MICRO PACK a Perfect Tool for Patrollers.

Cranmore Mountain Resort has tight grooming and typically boasts great conditions. But you can’t change Mother Nature’s will. The ice storm that struck New England on 1/23/18 left wimpy pines bending over power lines, roads and of course the flanks of trails. As a ski patroller the burden of safety for our guests included a lot of drilling, some sawing and a lot of bamboo. Cozy Mitchell, pictured here, is one of the veteran patrollers who, along with the typical Wednesday crew, was running around for morning sweep getting ready to open the chair. The elbow grease was alleviated by the Micro Pack’s handy features, the perfect compliment for a patroller’s tools used to open the hill. With the mountain properly marked with signage, the bullwheel spun bringing the hearty diehard sliders to the top of one of the most fun hills in the North Country.