Tips For Snow Sports Travelers This Winter

Tips For Snow Sports Travelers This Winter

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Know Before You Go

Going to a new mountain can be the highlight of any winter but how do you make sure everything you need arrives in the same destination? Forgetting or losing a crucial piece of gear can make or break a trip but there are some surprising items that you can leave at home when travelling. Here are some tips to consider before boarding a flight to your dream snow vacation.

What gear to bring and what to leave at home

Begin by taking a look at our snow gear checklist and start trimming. Snacks and lip balm can be purchased on the road, and depending on the weather forecast you may be able to leave a few extra layers at home, but you can really save on space and checked baggage fees by leaving your skis and poles at home. It sounds crazy, but many snow sports shops and resorts offer great deals on demo skis and snowboards. You might even be able to rent the same gear you use at home. It's worth researching the available options before you're stuck lugging that heavy snow sports gear bag through a crowded airport.

Ski and snowboard boots, on the other hand, are absolutely necessary and should never be left at home. Sure you can just rent a pair, but they will never fit like the pair that you ski in every day. Don't ruin a dream vacation with a poorly-fitted boot.

Once you have decided what goes and what stays home it's time to pack.

Get the right luggage and maximize space

Okay, so you looked at the demo ski options and decided it's worth bringing your own gear. I get it, but make your life easier by having the right luggage. A high-quality ski bag such as Kulkea’s Käydä Travel Backpack can make the difference between a seamless travel experience and losing gear en route and convenient pockets mean you'll be able to find what you need in a pinch. Packing your soft outerwear and apparel around your hard gear provides extra packing to protect your gear and saves you the hassle of checking a second suitcase.

Most airlines allow you to check snow sports boots in a separate bag with your skis or snowboard at no extra charge however any skier or snowboarder with travel experience will recommend bringing your boots in your carry-on bag. This way you can be sure that they won't get lost. Remember you can rent skis or snowboards and you can buy clothes but renting boots can ruin a vacation.

Along with your ski or snowboard boots, your carry-on bag should include a toothbrush, an extra change of clothes and a book or your favorite snow mag. You never know when a flight will get cancelled or delayed so don't get caught unprepared. Kulkea's snow boot bags have plenty of pockets to keep your toiletries separated from your sports accessories and they fit the carry-on requirements of most airlines.

Like having a quality ski or snowboard bag, a good carry-on bag should be made of high quality materials and have compartments that help organize all your gear for the long haul.

Know the checked bag policies

Know the rules and avoid racking up fees for overweight or over-sized luggage. Some airlines such as Southwest allow passengers to check a single bag, including a ski bag, for free. Many others will check skis or snowboards without charging an over-sized luggage fee. It's best to know what you're getting into before arriving at the airport.

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