Teaching Kids to Ski

Teaching Kids to Ski

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Six Tips on Teaching Your Kids to Ski.

Skiing with children can provide some of the most fun, memorable and exciting family times. The question is how to get your family to that point? Do you teach them yourself or leave it to the pros, and what’s involved?

  1. Parent Teaching vs. Ski Lessons - The initial stages of getting children out on the snow, up on skis and learning the basics is challenging. It can tax not only the child, but the parents. For some families, teaching their own children is what works best. Generally, however, the experience brought by the pros is a great solution.
  2. Group vs. Individual Ski Lessons - Skill levels range from beginner up to expert. Group lessons are far more affordable and can easily do the job for young children. Save the individual lessons for older children or those ready to perfect their skills.
  3. Full Day or Half Day Group Lessons -Plan for a full day if possible. Children pick-up a lot more by being on the snow longer. Also, keep in mind that half day lessons leave parents with very little time on the snow given the time involved for drop-off and pick-up. Note: Don’t feel pressured to overdo it on the lessons. Maybe mix in a full day followed by a half day.
  4. Ski Lesson Reservations - Make reservations in advance. Don't wait until the day before, especially during holidays. Expect the unexpected; make sure to check cancellation policies.
  5. Find ”Your Family Friendly” Ski School - Student-instructor ratio, safety and experience are prerequisites for a ski school, but they're not everything. The level of fun and convenience are also critical. Checkout the ski school, find out how they'll keep the children engaged, what’s involved with the intake process, drop-off and pick-up time-frames, and how, when and where children must be dropped-off (i.e. at the ski school with their boot bag vs. geared-up on the mountain and ready to go). Beware of schools that will bore your children or leave you or your children exhausted before even hitting the slopes.
  6. Expect Children to Complain - Most will in the beginning, and it’s usually about going to ski school. It’s natural so don't be duped. Your child is special, but not in that respect. Get them over the learning curve and they'll likely fall in love with the sport.

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