Prep Your Ski Gear for Winter

Prep Your Ski Gear for Winter

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4 Tips to Get Ready for the Season.

The temperature is dropping and winter is around the corner. Now is the time to make sure you’re prepared for your best season yet. Start with a work-out plan will help you stay injury-free and ready to ski till to last chair . Next, make sure your gear is in working order and start counting down the days until your favorite resort opens.

Start the season off right with a fresh coat of wax and sharp edges. If you stored your skis with a coat of wax at the end of last season (it’s recommended), start with scraping the bases and removing any dirt or grime from spring skiing. Next, take a close look at your edges and remove any burrs or rust with a diamond stone. Melt a fresh coat of wax into the base using a wax iron and let it cool completely before scraping it off. Repeat this step if you forgot to store your skis with a coat of wax. Finally, polish those bases with a nylon brush to remove any extra wax from the base. If your skis have any material missing from the bases or burrs that can’t be removed with a diamond stone take them to your local shop for a full tune.

Start with inspecting each binding for wear and tear and clean off any grime from last season with a wet rag. A faulty binding can cause serious injury. Most binding manufacturers recommend taking your skis and boots to your local shop once a year to have the bindings tested and your DIN setting properly adjusted.

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Visually inspect your boots. Check for excessive wear on the heel and toe pieces as this can impact the way your boot interfaces with the binding. Remove the liner and inspect it for wear and tear. Try the boot on and feel for any new pressure points. A local shop will help solve any problems so that your boots don’t ruin a day of skiing.

Outerwear and Accessories
Dirt and grime on your ski pants and jacket can decrease the performance of waterproof clothing as it clogs the microscopic pores of the fabric; so it’s important to keep your clothes clean. Start by checking your pockets for lip balm, half eaten granola bars and lose cash. Check the labels for cleaning instructions and follow them carefully. Most clothing manufacturers recommend machine-washing in cold water on the delicate cycle. Use a gentle detergent such as Woolite or one that is specifically formulated for outerwear such as NikWax Tech Wash. After washing the garments they can be treated with a spray-on or wash-in waterproofing formula. Don’t forget to wash your gloves while you’re at it.

Lastly, inspect your helmet and goggles to ensure they’re in safe working order.

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