Boot Trekker Review - Gearist

Boot Trekker Review - Gearist

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"The Boot Trekker Made My Season So Much Better."

In his recent review of Kulkea’s Boot Trekker, Brandon Wood from was super impressed with the skier friendly features, performance and the ruggedness of the ski boot bag. “Building a piece of gear that can check all the boxes – and then some – on your feature wish list is one thing. It’s another thing to accomplish that while making that gear over-the-top durable and well-constructed, but that is what Kulkea has accomplished with their Boot Trekker ski boot bag.”

Wood loved the bag’s great features and the functionality they provide including, “Backpack-grade shoulder straps which use Kulkea’s Pack Release buckles that allow you to simply unclip the straps rather than trying to lift off a super-stuffed pack…The features in the Boot Trekker are so vast that you could easily pack for an overnight trip with all but your skis inside and be ready to go.”

On durability, Wood put the ski boot bag to the test “I’ll just say it: I beat the hell out of this pack last season. It’s had sharp ski and snowboard edges stacked on top of it; been crammed with WAY too much gear (occupational hazard); been dropped while loaded onto rocks, pavement, snow and ice and really just put through the wringer. But it looks like new.

Form and fit are vital to the performance of ski gear wood indicated “Comfort with the Boot Trekker while on is really solid. Of course, the more you load anything down, the more adjusting you’ll have to do and fortunately the strap adjustability and the fact that these are not weak, afterthought straps goes a long way to finding that balance.”

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