Boot Trekker - A Favorite Ski Boot Bag

Boot Trekker - A Favorite Ski Boot Bag

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Boot Trekker Reviewed by The Brave Ski Mom.

Colorado native, Kristen Lummis AKA The Brave Ski Mom, recently added the high quality Boot Trekker ski boot backpack to her favorite gear list.  Lummis, a 50+ day a year skier, noted that the Boot Trekker, “stands alone in terms of efficiency” and is a premier piece of equipment for parents. She emphasized that, "for the parent who carries EVERYTHING, the Kulkea Boot Trekker can make your journey from car to ski lodge much easier and more organized."

The Brave Ski Mom was impressed by the Boot Trekker’s novel functionality and extensive feature set.  Her review listed a number of the components from Kullkea’s Intuitive Packing System that set it apart from others, "a flip down front pocket has a fuzzy pouch for your goggles, and room for lunch and water. A small front pocket stores little things like lip balm and sunscreen, while individual glove pockets are found on each side. A stowable sling pops out and snaps into place to tote your helmet, and a large central compartment holds everything else!"

This snow sport enthusiast from the Western Slope also identified a number of the critical, but less obvious benefits that Kulkea has designed into the Boot Trekker.  In particular, she explained that the Boot Trekker’s alpine boot designed side pockets are not only large for holding ski boots, but that they have been correctly, “positioned to keep the boots from banging you in the spine." Her kudos extended further to the Boot Trekker’s hiking grade support system when she pointed out that "best of all, as a really nice touch, the back is padded and contoured.”
Most importantly, Lummis acknowledged that the Boot Trekker achieves its goal of improving the ski experience.

The review ended with, "load it up and mom or dad can carry all of their stuff, leaving adult hands free for carrying kids’ gear or just walking hand-in-hand to the lodge.

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