Activities you can do this Earth Day

Activities you can do this Earth Day

Published by Kailey Truczinskas

Earth Day, a day designated to support environmental protection and promote the beauty of our planet, is a great opportunity to give back to the nature we find so much adventure in. As outdoor adventurers, Earth’s mountains, forests, and oceans are integral to us, and now is the perfect time to give back to our planet. What better day to get outside and enjoy nature than on April 22nd!

This day is important because it brings awareness to climate change and the ways in which people on a global scale can work to decrease their carbon footprint and conserve the environment. One of the best ways you can celebrate Earth Day is by doing your part in helping to clean up trash that may be affecting your local area. Grab a friend or two then head outside to enjoy the fresh air while you work to make a positive impact on the natural land around you by leaving no trace.

Cleaning up trash on the beach

The best way to start your outdoor adventure is with great food. Locally sourced foods are more nutrient-dense because there is a shorter time frame between the farmstand and your table and will give you the energy to fully enjoy the day you have planned. Not only do you eat better, but you also decrease your carbon footprint and support small businesses. Stop at a local market and stock up on local foods to bring on your hike or bike ride.

local market to stock up on local food

What kind of outdoor brand would we be if we didn’t recommend going for a bike ride? Sure, biking is a fun and enjoyable activity, but it is also very environmentally friendly. A great way to promote sustainability practices is by utilizing energy-efficient methods of travel to lessen your carbon footprint. Find a route here and check out our OTRmost Cycling Collection to help with your travel needs.

Two riders bicycling outside

Finally, go for a nature walk or adventure beyond your normal bounds. If the temperature is right and the sun is bright, enjoy the beauty of nature by immersing yourself in it. If you’re in an urban environment you can take advantage of the public parks or waterfront walkway. Parks are essential to maintaining the quality of life for a community so you should have no trouble finding one or more in any urban setting. If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in nature, try out one of our favorite North American trails or discover your own secret wilderness hideaway.

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