This World Record Athlete is About to Ride Over 6,000 Miles Across South America

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Boston, MA - Next week, endurance Athlete and Kulkea Ambassador, Brendan Walsh, is taking on his newest challenge to break another Guinness World Record. Walsh is set to break the Guinness World Record for "the fastest time to cycle the length of South America North-South." This challenge, will start on March 1st in Cartagena, Columbia and finish in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Brendan Walsh Profile

Brendan will be navigating through never previously trained on terrain, including the Andes Mountains. He will travel with a lean support team of 2 members, following him via van and camping en route. His journey will take him over 6000 miles through elevations as high as 12,000 ft. Within an estimated 37 days or less, he’ll cycle 170+ miles per day. That’s 8-10 hours of cycling per day though challenging high altitude conditions. He will be relying on Kulkea’s endurance designed OTRmost biking bag collection for the challenge.  If he completes this challenge, he will be the first American to hold this record.

Brendan, who grew up in Massachusetts, is already a Guinness World Record holder for "the fastest crossing of America (USA) by bicycle (North-South)". He views himself as an everyday human who hopes to inspire others to do their best. He said, "The number one thing I've learned is to keep believing in your dream. When you're out there getting after it, with purpose, it's inevitable that you'll eventually reach your end goal."

Brendan Walsh Biking wearing a Kulkea Hat

Brendan's passion for cycling began after a motorcycle accident hospitalized him. It was during this time that he rediscovered his love for cycling. With a strong drive for adventure and a love for sport, Brendan has taken on numerous challenges, including running the coast of Maine for 313 miles in 10 days, running 30 miles a day, all the while pushing a stroller holding all of his camping gear to travel solo.

Brendan's latest challenge is an opportunity to raise $30,000 for the charity, Water1st, which focuses on building clean water infrastructure in developing countries. Brendan feels strongly about access to clean water and wants to use his passion for cycling to make a difference.

Brendan Walsh Endurance Athlete

The best way to support Brendan on this journey is by donating through his Water1st fundraiser. Brendan also has a Gofundme page (opens in new window), which supports the operational and logistical expenses of his challenge.

Follow Brendan's journey on social media @bicylebrendan (opens in new window) and his SPOT tracker on (opens in new window) as he takes on this incredible challenge and supports a great cause.

About Brendan Walsh:

Brendan Walsh is an endurance athlete and ambassador for adventure brand, Kulkea. With a passion for cycling and a drive for adventure, Brendan has taken on numerous challenges, including breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest North-South cycling crossing of the USA.

About Water1st:

Water1st is a charity focused on building clean water infrastructure in developing countries. With the support of individuals like Brendan Walsh, Water1st is making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

About Kulkea:

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