Ski & Boot Backpack Review – Ski Trekker

As posted previously, Kulkea’s debut of the Ski Trekker Ski & Boot backpack at the Denver SIA Snow Show brought many positive comments.  After the show, Brian O’Connor at KineticShift wrote a review of the Ski Trekker.  He too understands the challenges skiers face, “The rush of getting to the slope sometimes means that your gear is strewed all over the car, which inevitably means that something will be left behind.”

Further, Brian indicated that Kulkea’s innovative approach provides a solution, ” transport all of your Alpine gear from the car to the slope in one backpack. The new Ski Trekker is designed to not only hold your boots, helmet and gloves, but also your skis.”

The ability to carry all of your gear in one bag not only keeps your ski essentials together it also helps take the schlep out of skiing.  We developed the Ski Trekker out of our personal frustration of trying to keep track of and carry all of our gear, and helping our kids get their gear to the lodge.  We knew that there had to be a better way and were amazed that no one had come up with it.  After years of development, several designers and good ole trial and error, we prevailed.