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Andy Parry - Skier

Andy Parry grew up in Western, NY skiing Bristol Mountain as a teenager. After high school he moved to Vermont to attend Green Mountain College (Now shut down R.I.P), and after college started Line Traveling Circus with Will Wesson. A few years after the start of Traveling Circus Andy started a Freeskiing activation tour called Tell A Friend Tour. Both projects are successful in adding focus to the sport and building interest for young skiers. However, Andy's true passion is his cats. Lynx an American long hair, and Tiger an American short-hair are rambunctious overweight felines who enjoy napping, eating and looking out windows. Much like Andy they have an insatiable lust for pizza and chicken wings,which is probably the leading cause of their obesity.

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10 Questions and answers from Andy:

  1. Favorite Music? I listen to a lot of random genres. I think music from the 90's is probably my favorite. Allot of nostalgia.
  2. Favorite place in the world? Japan
  3. Favorite food? Pizza and chicken wings, or Korean food. Korean BBQ is the best stuff ever. So many good flavors!
  4. Favorite color? Black.... Like my soul. Or white.
  5. A guilty pleasure of yours? Ovens pizzas. I hate on bad pizza but I still eat 3 or 4 ovens pizzas a week.
  6. A mentor or someone you look up to outside of skiing? This old dude Jerry that I have been helping remodel a home with. He is 75 and does more stuff in a day then I do in a week sometimes. Jerry likes to say, "If your always working on something you ain't going to die"
  7. A mentor or someone you look up to in of skiing? TANNER HALL!!! Dude has been killing it for decades.
  8. Favorite ski trick? Big laid out double back flip. One day....
  9. Favorite activity outside of skiing? I like to fix things up and build stuff.
  10. What music do you listen to while skiing? I really don't listen to music while skiing. I keep braking my headphones so I gave up.

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