I’ve been through a number of bags and really, this is the best one yet. It’s well made, easy to pack, easy to haul, and I love all the compartments.

The Ski Diva

The Boot Trekker seems to have it all. It is an efficiently designed durable bag with lots of features made of quality materials accented with a stylish design.


Building a piece of gear that can check all the boxes – and then some –is one thing. It’s another to making that gear over-the-top durable and well-constructed.


I am a big fan of Kulkea Powder Trekker backpack. It has boot compartments, lots of pockets and space for your ski attire, and you can carry it hands free.

The Ski Guru Boston.com

The beautiful thing about the Powder Trekker is that there is a place for everything…my gear went from chaos to compartmentalized.

Girls Life Magazine

We love the deployable helmet sling designed for carrying your helmet on the outside…The bag’s Intuitive Packing System is genius.


Well made, and super organized with dedicated pockets for everything you’ll need.

Brave Ski Mom