Tandem Ski Boot Duffle Bag Review Brave Ski Mom

Tandem Ski Boot Duffle Review

Tandem is “Perfectly designed with Ski parents in mind.”

KULKEA’S Tandem ski boot duffel bag was designed for families who ski, so who better to test it than the Brave Ski Mom, Kristen Lummis. This Colorado native skis 50+ days a year with her family in tow so she knows a thing or two about keeping all that gear organized.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a good ski boot bag can make a ski mom’s day.” Said Lummis.

Though Lummis typically prefers a backpack style boot bag, the duffel bag design of the Tandem bag won her over with its smart design including the easy open Cooler Top™ and designated storage areas.

“It’s perfectly designed with ski parents in mind. Tandem doesn’t just carry one set of gear, it carries two sets of children’s boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, extra clothes and so on. Compartments are smartly designed to keep your kid’s stuff separate and everything fits in a specific spot.”

For families that don’t need the full package of the Tandem Ski Boot Bag, Lummis recommends the Speed Star ski boot bag for kids and the Talvi ski boot bag for adults.

“A simple top-loading bag with a roomy central compartment for a helmet, gloves or mittens, extra layers, lunch and so one, the Talvi also has easy-to-access front-loading boot pockets (one on each side). While the body of the bag is not padded, the back is and so are the shoulder straps.”

Lummis also tested the Kantaja ski bag and was pleased with the surprising amount of storage space including its internal pockets for apparel.

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