KULKEA Ski Boot Bags at Denver 2013

KULKEA had another great showing at the 2013 Denver SIA show held in the Colorado convention center. colorado convention center bear kulkea SIA 2013 The all-in-one ski and boot bag – Ski Trekker continued to turn heads as we walked the floor of the show with the Trekker in tow.  Further as the Ski Trekker made its way around the streets of Denver and into Apres gatherings, it was clear that people appreciated the innovative features and functionality that make the Ski Trekker a better way to carry skis and gear.

Attendees were also amazed as we showed off the spacious, organized and feature rich Boot Trekker.  The popular ski boot bag’s strategically placed pockets enable easy access to ski gear and accessories.  Many head-nods followed by statements such as “smart, really smart” or, “this blows away anything on the market” helped to reinforce the fact that the Boot Trekker is the best ski boot bag available.

We  met so many more great people in the industry, even some Ski celebrities like Glen Plake and Gold medal winner Bode Miller.bode miller kulkea ski boot bag sia denver  As always, there were many new companies and innovations such as the Apres footwear maker Pakems, really cool ski poles by Sick Stickz and ski pole clips to help avoid the dreaded pole-drop from the chairlift.

kulkea sia denver 2013 ski and boot bag