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Powder Trekker Review – Girls’ Life

They Tried the Ski Boot Bag that Hauls All.

Girls’ Life Magazine (GL) put the Kulkea Powder Trekker ski boot bag to the test. In the hands of their resident ski instructor, Amanda, Girls’ Life discovered the beauty of the Powder Trekker and its Intuitive Packing System. “Before getting the Kulkea Powder Trekker boot bag, I lugged around a huge blue duffel bag with all of my ski gear — well, and some other stuff too….Once I moved into the Kulkea boot bag, my gear went from chaos to compartmentalized, and I was at once more organized.”

Amanda was happily impressed by the smart hauling capability of the Powder Trekker. “The beautiful thing about this bag is that there is a place for everything, but only enough space for what you truly need. There’s an insulated pocket in the front compartment for lunch. The large central compartment is big enough for gloves, a hat and neck warmer, snow pants and a layer or two. I reserve the small pocket on the very top of the bag for my goggles (the inside of the pocket is lined with fleece to protect delicate lenses), my phone, deodorant and a travel bottle of lotion for cold, windy days that are harsh on my skin.” And, the helmet sling was a welcome bonus! “The sling pulls out and wraps around a helmet, so you don’t have to find a place for it elsewhere, a brilliant design given that helmets tend to be the most cumbersome item to find a place for in a ski bag.”

It is more than the superb design of the Powder Trekker that won over Girls’ Life. It is the technical features, such as ventilated boot pockets and weather protective fabrics. It is the “bulletproof” durability and workmanship. It is an organizer that allowed Amanda the correct amount of space for what she “really, truly, absolutely” needs for a day at the mountain. The Powder Trekker is a great ski boot bag for going from the home to the car to the hill.

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