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Micro Pack Review – The Boston Globe

An Adventure Pack for Minimalists – Top Pick for the Season.

The Boston Globe’s Kari Bodnarchuk was thrilled to receive and review Kulkea’s new Micro Pack™ naming it a top pick for the season. Kari immediately identified the value and attraction of the pack, “Kulkea’s lift-friendly Micro Pack will appeal to organizers and lightweight packers who don’t need a bag with a cavernous main compartment for a day on the slopes.”

Bodnarchuk was impressed by the design and skier-friendly features that make stowing and protecting necessities for the day a cinch. “The well-thought-out pack, has a tucked-away compartment on the back for stashing a wallet, car keys, and other small valuables, a pocket on top for storing goggles and sunglasses out of harm’s way, an easy-to-reach zippered pocket on the front flap for quick access to snacks and hand warmers, and a larger zippered pocket under the flap for a spare layer, gloves, or lunch.”

Describing the Micro Pack’s convenience for the chairlift lift, Kari indicated, “The tall and slim bag intentionally lacks zippered compartments on the lower third of the bag, so you don’t have to take it off when jumping on the chairlift.”

Finally, Bodnarchuk commented on the smart features and details that complete the day pack, “Webbing and straps let you attach a helmet for aprés ski or hiking back to your car, and a mini mesh pouch on one shoulder strap stashes a lip balm within easy reach.”

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