Kulkea Support Frontline Workers

Purchase any Micro Pack and
Kulkea will donate to Support Frontline Workers

Join Kulkea to support Off Their Plate, a grassroots movement that rallies around tireless frontline COVID healthcare workers and impacted shift employees, restaurants and staff. Their work creates a conduit for local communities throughout the United States to provide nutritious meals to the hospital teams we depend on and economic relief to local workers who have been affected by COVID.

We have already sent 50 meals and restored 13 shift hours to the community. For every additional $100 we donate, you will help send 10 meals to our COVID frontline workers and restore 3 shift hours to the community. Together, we can take more Off Their Plate.

Kulkea’s Micro Pack is the perfect companion for your social distancing outdoor experiences this Spring and beyond. You do not have to go it alone when you have your Micro Pack, and you’ll become our outdoor hero knowing your pack directly helped frontline workers.

Micro Pack Trail Backpack in Action

Off Their Plate

Already have a Micro Pack? Gift one to a friend so that they too can find freedom in adventures. Or you can still join us in our support and donate directly to Off Their Plate, at offtheirplate.org.

Off Their Plate Org

Off Their Plate has partnered with World Central Kitchen globally to process donations..

World Kitchen