Intuitive Packing System

Intuitive Packing System™

Packed with Pockets. Kulkea’s Trekker Line includes a system of technically designed and strategically located pockets, pouches and slings for those skiers who want to maximize organization, space and convenience. Trekker Line ski boot bags include some or all of the features listed below:

    • Wide-Mouth Front Pocket – Forward opening wide-mouth pocket for lunch, water, gear and apparel.
    • Glove Smart™ – Each glove has its own designated pocket to help ensure you don’t leave without one.
    • Central Gear Compartment – Large top loading compartment for ski pants, tops, base layers and gear.
    • Small Necessities Pocket – Quick grab pocket for lip balm, hand warmers and small items.
    • Transparent Inner Pocket – Internal zippered pocket separates sunscreen, snacks, tools, waxes and personal items.
    • Zippered Top Pocket – Stores face masks, balaclavas and bandanas.
    • Goggle Pouch – An internal lens soft pouch for protecting goggles.
    • Smart Top™ – Partitioned top for storing goggles on one side in a soft material, and face masks, balaclavas and bandannas on the other.
    • Retractable Helmet Sling™ – Externally located helmet carrier, stores helmet on outside of pack and retracts for easy storage.
    • Hidden Side Pockets – Two exterior pockets beneath the boot vents for storing maps, papers or an extra pair of socks.
Front Pocket

Front Pocket

Glove Smart

Glove Smart™

Transparent Pocket

Transparent Pocket

Zippered Top Pcket

Zippered Top Pocket

Goggle Pouch

Goggle Pouch


Retractable helmet sling

Retractable Helmet Sling