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Innovative Details

Jacket Grab Innovation Shown

Jacket GrabTM

Slide off your jacket and strap it on your pack with ease. SP PRO's Jacket Grab makes stowing and retrieving your outlayer easy, and saves space inside the pack for other items.

Intuitive Packing System Innovation Shown

Intuitive Packing SystemTM

Packed with Pockets. Kulkea’s Trekker Line includes a system of technically designed and strategically located pockets, pouches and slings for those skiers who want to maximize organization, space and convenience. Trekker Line ski boot bags include some or all of the features listed here.

Open Pack Design Innovation Shown

Open Pack DesignTM

Optimal storage, easy access. Kulkea’s Speed Line is designed around a jumbo wide-mouthed main pocket for internal visibility and effortless access for those skiers who want quick, easy and convenient packing.

Hiking Grade Support System Innovation Shown

Hiking Grade Support System

Support and Comfort. All of our packs have a durable and comfortable support system. Boot Trekker and SP PRO and SP RXL come with padded and contoured adjustable shoulder straps combined with a padded back panel, lifter straps, sternum strap and waist belt. Powder Trekker and Speed Pack are equipped with padded and contoured adjustable shoulder straps combined with a padded back panel, lifter straps and sternum strap.

Smart Top Innovation Shown

Smart TopTM

Safe and Quick Access for Goggles and More. Partitioned hard shell molded fleece lined top compartment for to protect goggles on one side, and face masks, balaclavas and bandannas on the other.

Shaped Boot Pockets Innovation Shown

Shaped Boot Pockets

High & Wide. Kulkea ski boot bags include boot storage areas designed specifically to accommodate the shape and size of alpine ski boots to maximize overall bag storage volume and increase boot ventilation.

Central Compartment Innovation Shown

Central CompartmentTM

Store the Big Stuff. The Trekker Line includes a deep top loading central compartment for carrying ski pants, tops, base layers, helmet, gear and your Apres wear.

TPU Bag Protection Innovation Shown

TPU Bag ProtectionTM

Not Just on the Bottom. Kulkea uses generous amounts of high quality pvc-free tarpaulin on ski and ski boot bags for durability and protection against water. The Trekker Line adds tarpaulin to the sides, for extra protection and durability.

Travel Straps Innovation Shown

Travel StrapsTM

Prepare your bag for air travel. Boot Trekker, Thermal Trekker, SP RXL and SP PRO are equipped with airline baggage check straps: shoulder straps are tucked behind the back panel; and the waist belt is either removed or tucked behind the back panel.

Performance Handle Innovation Shown

Performance Handle

Grab your bag and go. The Performance Handle is wide, structured and durable. Also enables easy attachment to our Double Roller ski bag to hitch along for the ride.

Ski Goggle Protection Innovation Shown

Ski Goggle Protection

Keep Goggles Safe. Internal, free hanging fleece lined pouch designed specifically to store and protect goggles. Keep them safe and quickly locate.

Retractable Helmet Sling Innovation Shown

Retractable Helmet Sling

Outside Where it Should be. Save the storage space and ventilate your helmet. A stretchable sling easily deploys from a zippered lower pocket on the Trekker Line of ski boot bags to securely hold and carry your helmet on the pack’s exterior.

Pack Release Innovation Shown

Pack Release

Stop Fighting Shoulder Straps! Easily dislodge the Boot Trekker, Thermal Trekker, Powder Trekker, Micro Pack or SP PRO by unbuckling either of the two Pack Dislodge Buckles located on the shoulder straps.

Corner Bumpers Innovation Shown

Corner Bumpers

Protect the Pack! Kulkea ski boot bags in the Speed line and Powder Trekker have built in corner bumpers to protect the pack and your gear.

Ski Boot Vents Innovation Shown

Ski Boot Vents

Air 'em out. Kulkea's Boot Trekker is equipped with ventilation flaps. Air out you boots without having to remove them from the pack. Vents open and close with sturdy Velcro clasps.

Transparent Inner Pockets Innovation Shown

Transparent Inner Pockets

See it, grab it & go! The Trekker Line and Speed Pack include transparent inner pockets along the inside of the main pocket for keeping track of sunscreen, lip balm, snacks, tools, waxes and other small items.

Tuck-Away Waist Belt Innovation Shown

Tuck-Away Waist Belt

Traveling or don’t need? Simply tuck the waist belt into back panel notches of the Thermal Trekker.

Extra Tall Boot Pockets Innovation Shown

Extra Tall Boot Pockets

For the racer or shredder with tall boots, SP PRO will stow your boots with ease. Two extra tall, contoured, triple grommet ventilation, four panel side boot pockets.

Standing Pad Innovation Shown

Standing Pad

Keep Feet Clean and Dry. The padded, waterproof tarpaulin foot pad for booting up. SP RXL's tethered pad pulls out from bottom of the pack and can be detached and reattached for convenient use.

ID Panel Innovation Shown

ID Panel

Grab a Permanent Marker! All Kulkea bags include an ID panel to mark and make the bag your own.

The Extras Innovation Shown

The Extras

We don’t have to, but we do. Kulkea packs are extra reinforced with rows of heavy-duty bar tack stitching and built with premium YKK zippers and ITW buckles, extended zipper pulls, "dual" adjustable waist belt buckles and more. The small details matter!

Vision Swap Innovation Shown

Vision SwapTM

Changing conditions? Securely store extra goggles, sunglasses, lenses or your prescription eye glasses in the micro fiber lined pocket.

Shed-A-Layer Innovation Shown


Remove and easily strap down a top or mid layer as things heat up. When things cool down, pop the layer back on. Innovative system enables pocket to expand and tighten down for various sized jackets and layers.

Security Pocket Innovation Shown

Security Pocket

Keep 'em safe and know where they are. Store keys, credit cards and cash safe in a rear entry back panel pocket.

Lip Balm Pouch Innovation Shown

Lip Balm Pouch

Mind the Chap! Conveniently located Shoulder strap pouch for easy balm access.

Hydration Holster Innovation Shown

Hydration Holster

Stay Hydrated. The hydreation holder holds two small water bottles or one larger refillable bottle.

Helmet Loops Innovation Shown

Helmet Loops

Stores your helmet to the bottom exterior of the pack. Strap a helmet to the pack using the side loops.

Primary Pocket Innovation Shown

Primary Pocket

Store lunch, extra gloves, liners, face masks or bandanna.

Ski Emergency Whistle Innovation Shown

Ski Emergency Whistle

Let them know where you are. Perfectly located on the Sternum Strap buckle for hands free access.

Stash Pocket Innovation Shown

Stash Pocket

Stash your snacks, goodies and essentials in a water resistant zippered pocket.

Coated Drainage Grommets Innovation Shown

Coated Drainage Grommets

Lose the melt. All boot and duffle bags come with bottom located coated drainage grommets. Grommets enable snow melt to drain out of the bag to protect your boots and gear. Coating on the grommets helps prevent rust for bag longevity.

Cooler Top Innovation Shown

Cooler TopTM

Flip it Open. Tandem ski boot duffle bag is built with an easy to open cooler type top. Top zips to open fully for easy access and visibility of gear. Also includes mesh pockets for storage of gloves, goggles, balaclavas and more.

Interior Stretch Pockets Innovation Shown

Interior Stretch Pockets

Ski bags aren’t just for skis. Kulkea’s Kantaja ski bags include strategically located stretchable interior pockets for storing ski apparel, street clothes and accessories separately from skis.

Hitch Back Innovation Shown

Hitch BackTM

Hitch it on and roll. Quickly hitch on your ski boot bag to Kantaja Double Roller ski bag with the strap system for an easy all in one design for carrying a ski and ski boot bag.

Heated Side Boot Pockets Innovation Shown

Heated Side Boot Pockets

Go Thermal. Dual contoured, insulated and heated side ski boot pockets designed for the most effective heating of alpine boots.

Glove Smart Innovation Shown

Glove SmartTM

Keep Track of Your Gloves. The Boot Trekker includes two conveniently located and designated for storing gloves.

Length Extender Innovation Shown

Length Extender

Got longer skis? Kantaja Double Roller comes equipped with a zipper activated extension to expand the bag from 195cm to 205cm to house most skis.

All-Terrain Wheels Innovation Shown

All-Terrain Wheels

Tough outboard wheel system for reliable and smooth transportation through various ground conditions.

Pole Grabber Innovation Shown

Pole GrabberTM

Smart & Simple. Easy use internal strap system to secure and store poles separately from skis.

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