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  • TPU Bag Protection

    TPU Bag Protection

    Not Just on the Bottom. Kulkea uses generous amounts of high quality tarpaulin on the bottom and front lip of all its ski boot bags for durability and protection against water. The Trekker L…

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  • Retractable Helmet Sling

    Retractable Helmet Sling

    Outside Where it Should be. Save the storage space and ventilate your helmet. A stretchable sling easily deploys from a zippered lower pocket on the Trekker Line of ski boot bags to securely…

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  • Intuitive Packing System™

    Intuitive Packing System™

    Packed with Pockets. Kulkea’s Trekker Line includes a system of technically designed and strategically located pockets, pouches and slings for those skiers who want to maximize organization,…

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