Getting Ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Kulkea

Getting Ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Kulkea

Published by Filippo Gallian

After a lifetime of training, the world’s greatest athletes will meet once again in pursuit of gold and glory for their countries at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Sports are a big part of the foundation of Kulkea and we can’t wait to see the games begin.

The beauty of the Olympics is that it brings the world together and brings light to sports we might not normally watch. For us, seeing people come together to watch the events we love means everything.

What’s New?

These games will see the addition of six events: four new appearances to the Olympics and two returning. The new events will be Karate, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, and Surfing. Baseball and Softball will be returning to the games this year after being previously cut in 2012.

What will the Olympic Schedule look like?

The opening ceremony will officially begin on July 23 at 7:30pm EDT although some events (Soccer and Softball) will begin on July 21. The games will run for 17 days after the opening ceremony with some of the most popular events appearing soon after.

Olympic Mountain Biking Event

What Our Team is Looking Forward to Watch

Collectively, our team is very excited to see how our favorite athletes perform. We are especially excited to see all of the various cycling events after the recent launch of the OTRMost collection.

I went to everyone on the Kulkea team and asked them who and what they were looking forward to seeing in the upcoming games and their answers did not disappoint. Most of our team will be rooting for Team USA with a few cheering on Great Britain, Finland, and Italy. Simone Biles and Katrina Johnson-Thompson seemed to be some of the most popular athletes amongst our responses with Gymnastics being the most anticipated event with Beach Volleyball and Track & Field being runner-ups.

Olympic Team USA Gymnastics

Comments From the Kulkea Team

David Abramowitz, founder & CEO is looking forward to cheering on Team USA & Team Finland and can’t wait to watch gymnastics.

CFO, Megan Kelleher is ready to cheer on Simone Biles and Team USA in Gymnastics.

Financial operations analyst, Emily Dixon, will be supporting Team Great Britain and is looking forward to root for Katrina Johnson-Thompson in track and field. "Although I love watching all the different events and sports, I think my favorite part would actually be the opening ceremony. It's a chance for the host city to really put on a show and for the rest of the world to see a snippet into the country, its culture, and traditions," says Emily.

Our graphic designer Ryan Frease is looking forward to root on Simone Biles and Team USA in gymnastics.

Our brand executive, Alyssa Tang-Bortnyk shared her excitement for Beach Volleyball by exclaiming, "Am I the only one who thinks the ball defies gravity on those epic rallies back and forth?" We all agree with you there, Alyssa.

Family Watching TV

Whether you watch the games with your family, friends, loved ones, or on your own, we hope that you can enjoy these sports the same way we do and continue to be inspired by the greatness of these athletes.

What are you looking forward to at the upcoming Olympics? For a limited time, we are hosting a giveaway on Instagram @kulkea. Share your favorite Olympic events to enter and win a bag!

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