SKI TREKKER – Ski & Boot Backpack

    • Description: Superior quality, ski boot backpack for alpine skis, boots, helmet and gear. Designated compartments for organization and easy access.
    • Color: Black with blue trim
    • Fabrics: Durable, water resistant backed nylons, polyester and Tarpaulin.
    • Dimensions: 20”H x14.5”L x 19.5”W (expands up to 21”W).
    • More Info: See the full list of Key Features below.
    • Not Currently Available: See the Boot Trekker.

The ski boot bag with the “option” to carry skis!

Ski Trekker Ski and Boot BackpackSki and boot backpack with helmet

  • Pack Support System – Internal Frame with aluminum stays. Padded and contoured Back Panel, Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt. Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt may be adjusted or detached and re-positioned for increased comfort. Lifter Straps. Sternum Strap.
  • Ski Stability System™ – Cutting edge system for stabilizing, lifting and carrying skis.
  • Versatile Central Compartment™  Large top loading compartment for carrying skis, apparel and other gear. The Bottom Flap of the central compartment includes a magnetic-zippered closure system. When not carrying skis simply zipper the Bottom Flap closed to carry ski pants, tops and base layers.
  • Pack Release™ – Pack Dislodge Buckles for simple pack removal.
  • Boot Pockets – Two large side Boot Pockets with closable ventilation windows. Designed to fit most ski boots up to size 31.
  • Goggle Protection – Lens soft Goggle Pouch located within the pack for added protection.
  • Glove Smart™ – Two Designated Glove Pockets and On-the-Go Glove Bungees™.
  • Forward Pockets – Two wide mouth forward opening pockets with transparent compartment.
  • Waist Pockets – Two easy access waist belt pockets.
  • Deployable Helmet Sling – Stored within a zippered pocket sling deploys to securely hold a helmet to pack exterior for maximum ventilation.
  • TPU Protection – Durable, water resistant Tarpaulin (TPU) bottom and lower sides.
  • Hidden Side Pockets – Two outside pockets beneath Boot Vents for storing maps and papers.
  • Top & Snow Cover –Top buckles closed and includes an external zippered pocket and Snow Cover.
  • Retractable ID Holder – Elastic tensioned covered ID Holder.
  • Zippers – Durable zippers with extended pulls for use with gloves.
  • Wide Handles – Two wide polyurethane wrapped top handles.
  • Drainage Grommets – Bottom located coated drainage grommets.
  • Reflective Edging – Light reflective.
  • More Innovation – Front Gear Loop. Bottom Handle. Abrasion Strips. Zippered Ski Sleeve Entry.
  • Materials – Water resistant backed 1680D, 840D & 420D nylons; & 210D polyester. Tarpaulin.
  • Patent Pending
  • View these features.
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Who needs a Ski Trekker?

Men and dads. The Ski Trekker was designed specifically for men to achieve a hands-free scenario when extra hands may be needed on the journey from the parking lot to the lodge.

What’s so special about the Ski Trekker?

It’s designed for “recreational” skiers to carry all of their gear, including skis. Unlike “A-Frame” or “diagonal” backcountry packs which can be time consuming and cumbersome, the Ski Trekker was developed to get skiers to the lodge as quickly and easily as possible.

Is the Ski Trekker a ski boot bag or a ski bag?

The Ski Trekker is a high-quality ski boot bag which includes the option to carry skis.

Is the Ski Trekker a “carry-on” or “luggage” bag for airline travel?

The Ski Trekker likely will not meet any airline carry-on requirements. The Ski Trekker has been checked as luggage by certain airlines. KULKEA cannot, however, confirm whether the Ski Trekker will meet the requirements of any particular airline for checkable luggage as these specifications vary by airline as well as internationally.

The Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt are detachable?

The shoulder straps and waist belt are connected by strong hook and loop material. This allows these straps to be detached and repositioned higher or lower for a better fit.

Is the Ski Trekker a technical pack?

No. Although the Ski Trekker has been tested at Tuckerman Ravine, NH to rave review, it was developed for “recreational” skiers. As a result, the Ski Trekker uses a quick loading internal ski carrying system for stabilization rather than relying upon external straps found on “A-Frame” or “diagonal” technical packs.

Is the Ski Trekker for children?

No. The product is sized to be carried by adults.



Stabilizing the skis involves placing the skis within the pack, lifting the pack, and wrapping the Ski Stability Strap around the skis above the top of the toe bindings while the ski tails rest on the bottom of the Ski Sleeve. The toe bindings are used to stabilize skis, except in rare ski-binding configurations permitting safer and more secure stabilization using the heel bindings.

Ski Sleeve.

The Ski Sleeve may be adjusted to avoid banging legs or other objects by using the three straps on the Ski Sleeve.  Typically the bottom height of the Ski Sleeve should be adjusted to align just above the back of the knee. The top of the stabilized bindings must never be beneath the top of the Central Compartment.

Load Skis.

Unzip Bottom Flap. Open Top and engage one end of the Ski Stability Strap. Insert locked together skis tails first into the Central Compartment until contact with the ground. While holding the skis grab the Rear Comfort Grip and lift up the pack.

Secure Loaded Skis.

Wrap the Ski Stability Strap around the skis at the top of the bindings to be secured. Engage the other end of the Ski Stability Strap. Securely tighten the Ski Stability Strap.

Unload Skis.

While holding the Rear Comfort Grip disengage one end of the ski strap. Carefully lower the pack and grab hold of the skis.

Snow Cover & Top.

The Snow Cover is stored within the Top. It is held in place using hook and loop material along its center. How to use the Snow Cover – Unzip the Top while skis are secured within the pack. Carefully, remove both ends of the Snow Cover from within the Top without detaching the Snow Cover from its hook and loop center attachment.  Wrap the Snow Cover around both the Top and skis. Attach the the ends of the Snow Cover together. Attach the tabs on the Snow Cover to the back of the pack.


Avoid placing or dragging the bottom of the Ski Sleeve on rough surfaces. Ventilate the pack if it becomes wet. The pack may be rinsed with fresh water and mild soap detergents. Do not put in dryer or use hand dryers on the pack. The Ski Sleeve includes a zippered access for cleaning.


The pack is used for carrying heavy or elongated alpine ski gear. Skiing, ski gear and winter conditions are inherently dangerous, and caution must be taken at all times when using this product. Be careful to avoid banging the Ski Sleeve on steps, rocks or other objects, especially during descents. Never use this product improperly, inside, too close to property or other people, or with configurations that do not provide for secure and safe stabilization of skis and gear at all times. This pack is designed for use by adults.


Kulkea warrants to the original purchaser that this product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of initial purchase. Kulkea will repair or replace at its discretion products that it finds are defective within the scope of this warranty. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear or damage related to misuse, abuse or neglect. Kulkea disclaims all other express or implied warranties, including without limitation warranties of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This warranty provides the sole and exclusive remedy.

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