About Kulkea

about kulkea

KULKEA (Cool-kee-ah) is a developer of breakthrough ski and snow sport gear, accessories and apparel. We create high-quality innovative ski products that improve the ski experience. We keep skiers going with novel solutions and highly featured products, such as the BOOT TREKKER ski boot backpack, the POWDER TREKKER ski boot bag, the SPEED PACK ski boot bag.

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How it All Began…
2009 Sugarbush, Lincoln Peak (a/k/a “South”) –

Kulkea’s founder, Dave, spent Friday before the trip north pulling all his gear together. Saturday at the mountain he schlepped his gear to the lodge. He dug throughout his torn bag for goggles and gloves. He’d had enough.

The local shops were full of ski and boot bags. Aside from the brand name and a few basic color pops, the bags were unimpressive. The fabrics and materials were low quality. The shoulder straps were more appropriate for a light day bag. Organization was an afterthought. There weren’t any performance designed premium ski boot bags.

After the weekend he researched everything from the gear skiers carry to the obstacles they encounter to the changes in ski technology. He spoke with racers, recreational skiers, backcountry skiers, telemark skiers, men, women, kids, teenagers and mature adults about their experiences and expectations. He identified the actual needs of skiers while at home, on mountain or in between.

It took three years and the help of designers, engineers, prototyping professionals and countless skiers, and in October 2012 KULKEA released the technically designed, high quality Boot Trekker – the most ingenious ski boot bag. After several more years of development, in September 2014, Kulkea released the Powder Trekker and Speed Pack – two more smart, premium ski boot bags.

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